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Hand-delivered in France (or elsewhere by arrangement). In stock and available now.


NB: Even though this is a 'hand-delivered' option, you will still need to fill in the shipping information with your address and other details. But in the 'special requests/messages' section please mention 'hand delivery' with a contact number so we can organise a rendezvous. 


Journeys Inside My Piano - Vinyl double record 33 RPM 12" 30cm (international postage included). Seventeen original piano compositions, written and performed by Seamus Kearney. Titles include:


Side A:  A Moment of Clarity; I Refuse; A Waltz in the Parallel Universe; The Siren of Absence 

Side B: A Man in his Forties; Sunnyview Road; Song for Sunglim; Resisting 

Side C: The Marionettes; Return to Acadia (The Sunday Crossword); An Irish Boy; Roma Sunrise 

Side D: Yesteryear Sonata (Dorian's Lullaby); The Path Not Chosen; Insolvent City (Under); The Colour of Time; and Erin's Prelude (first composition)


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